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對照記 book 對照記 ePUB大小小的私房照,生活的、家族的,還有那些不經世事記憶裡的。喜愛張愛玲的你是不容許錯過的『對照記』。本書是張愛玲首度披露的自傳式圖文集,書中所羅列的照片,都經過她親自篩選,?.

❧ 對照記 free download ➛ Author Eileen Chang – 1st-grade.co 『三搬當一燒』,我搬家的次數太多,平時也就『丟三臘四』的,一累了精神渙散,越是怕丟的東西越是要丟。倖存的老照片就都收入全集內,藉此保『三搬當一燒』,我搬家的次數太多,平時也就『丟三臘四』的,一累了精神渙散,越是怕丟的東西越是要丟。倖存的老照片就都收入全集內,藉此保存。— 張愛玲對照記裡收藏了『張愛玲』大.

PDF 對照記 PDF È Ï 1st grade.co

PDF 對照記 PDF È Ï 1st grade.co 張愛玲 who was born to a prominent family in Shanghai one of her great grandfathers was Li Hongzhang in 1920She went to a prestigious girls' school in Shanghai where she changed her name from Chang Ying to Chang Ai ling to match her English name Eileen Afterwards she attended the University of Hong Kong but had to go back to Shanghai when Hong Kong fell to Japan during WWII While in Shanghai she was briefly married to Hu Lancheng the notorious Japanese collaborator but later got a divorceAfter WWII ended she returned to Hong Kong and later immigrated to the United States in 1955 She married a scriptwriter in 1956 and worked as a screenwriter herself for a Hong Kong film studio for a number of years before her husband's death in 1967 She moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1972 and became a hermit of sorts during her last years She passed away alone in her apartment in 1995

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